MARYSE DENNES (ex-Staroseltsev)

Maryse Dennes is emeritus Professor in the Department of Slavic Studies at the University Bordeaux Montaigne. She studied Russian language and literature and philosophy of Western Europe at Bordeaux and Paris Universities. Her doctoral thesis was a philosophical comparative approach of the History of Western Europe and Russia (Dualisme et principe de totalité. Recherché d’un fondement de la difference entre la Russie et l’Occident). Her habilitation was partially dedicated to the influence of Phenomenology in Russia and resulted in the publication of the book Husserl-Heidegger.Influence de leur oeuvre en Russie, Paris, L’Harmattan, 1999. Her main field of expertise is Russian philosophy and intellectual history. She also maintained a constant interest for the tradition of the religious Russian thought (V. Soloviev) and for the history of Orthodoxy. She is the author of 181 publications (Philosophy, Poetry, Russian religious Thought, Politics of Education, interdisciplinary methodology and European studies): . She is the translator into French of Shpet’s Iavlenie i smysl (ed. MSHA, Pessac, 2013, coll. “Russie Traditions Perspectives”).
Nowadays, she is an international expert for the east-European research programs; she is member of some editorial committees. Coordinator of scientific projects about European identities and globalization, she developed research on the place of Russian philosophy, psychology and humanities in the current development of sciences. Within the publishing house of MSHA, she set up a specific collection “Russie Traditions Perspectives” (RTP), where she publishes books about Russian philosophy as : Florensky et l’Europe (dir. Fl. Corrado-Kazanski), 2012 ; G. Chpet, Le Phénomène et le sens (trad. M. Dennes et Fr. Teppe), 2013 ; Interdépendance et influences réciproques des sciences humaines en Russie et en France dans la première moitié du XXe siècle (dir. M. Dennes, T. Marsinkovskaïa), 2015. She organizes or co-organizes international Conferences (about Russain philosophy, Shpet [Chpet], Losev, Florensky, Vernadsky in 2013, Normativ discourses in Europe and Russia, on december 2016) and other scientific events and seminars (in Paris, Bordeaux, Moscou, Jerusalem, Ekaterinbourg, Krasnodar).

Activités scientifiques